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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2017 10:49am-10:54am EDT

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talk about national security. the center for strategic and international studies is hosting a discussion and you can see at five at 3:30 eastern also on c-span. coming up at 4:30 p.m. eastern c-span will be live from the national constitution center in philadelphia hold its annual freedom day event today. the sant central result of the e of constitutional freedoms and on what james madison and as the framers would think of today's presidency, congress, court and the media. >> this weekend c-span cities tour along with help of our comcast cable partners will for the literary scene and history of charlottesville, virginia. saturday at noon eastern on booktv revisit university of virginia to see the exhibit on william fulcher. >> we have a lot of wonderful artifacts of scores from his time at uva can mean that come from uva sources. among other things we have a typewriter he was issued by the
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university even with university property stamp on the back. we have a jacket that he wore. as you can see when you look at the jacket it's pretty torn up and ready. he liked to keep his close for a long time. he left his jacket hanging in his office when he went on his last trip to oxford, mississippi, when he passed away. >> on sunday at 2 p.m. eastern on american history tv we will travel to thomas jeffersons monticello. >> if you'd visited monticello 20 years ago you would've come up the mountain and you would've just seen jeffersons beautiful neoclassical villa. but what we wanted to do was change that. we wanted to restore the landscape of slavery. because if you'd come up this mountaintop in jeffersons time the first thing you would've seen most likely would be enslaved people. within no place on this mountaintop that slavery was not visible. we want to restore that, make
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that known to visitors who come here today. >> we will also visit the miller center university of virginia to learn about their first year project with explorers challenges use presence face their first on-the-job. >> lyndon johnson said when he became president of matter how big your majority, you get one year when the congress stops think about you the present and stops thinking about themselves, their own reelection. at about january of your second year after you've done your first year, all the members of code thinking about their midterm elections and they are really cautious about taking any risk to help you get your mandates and your agenda through. >> watch c-span's city tour of charlottesville, virginia, saturday at noon eastern on c-span2's booktv. sunday afternoon on american history tv on c-span3, working with a cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country.
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>> one of the things i loved about the "l.a. times" festival of books way before i was a book editor when us just driving and showing a first thing in the morning because i want to be first in line for stuff, is that with all these panels for authors or novelist or for authors are writing about syria, where these are people don't get to see each other or have conversations frequently. so there's this moment of conversation where these people are saying something that they are just coming up with at that very instant. it's that kind of electric exchange of ideas that can only happen in the moment. >> watch our live coverage of the los angeles times festival of books all weekend april 22 and 23rd on booktv on c-span2. >> and now bbc parliament reviews the major events that occurred in the house of commons
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in the united kingdom since the beginning of the year. this includes the london terrorist attack, the official start of the brexit negotiations and u.s.-uk relations under the trump administration. you also heard about the uk response doll child anticipated state visit. this is about one hour. ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome to westminster in review. our look at the last three months here at parliament, a term dominated by arguments over brexit, a budget that backfired and an unpredictable american president. it's the brexit debate that's taken at the most time and stirred the strongest passions. >> a wonderland who suddenly countries throughout the world


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